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Trust Administration

Trust administration is the process of administering an estate outside of court when someone dies with a trust.

Trust Administration

Trust Administration is the legal process through which assets are distributed when someone passes away with a trust. While the administration of the trust takes place outside of the probate court system, there are still a list of important steps that must be taken: the deceased’s assets must be identified and collected, any debts, taxes, and other expenses must be paid, relevant government agencies must be notified, and finally, the deceased’s assets must be distributed in accordance with the terms of the trust.
Under California law, the Trustee may be held personally liable if these steps are not done properly.

Click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss the Trust Administration process. During the consultation, we will address all your questions related to Trust Administration and provide guidance on the next steps for you and your family. Our commitment is to help you efficiently administer your loved one's estate and alleviate any administrative or legal burdens you may encounter. 


Immediately After Death

Immediately after a loved one's passing, there may be uncertainty about what needs to be done. While there is no immediate action required, here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind:

  • Do not drive the deceased's car.

  • Do not withdraw money from the deceased's accounts.

  • Do not pay debts other than funeral expenses.

  • Do not use the deceased's credit cards.

  • Do not close any accounts.

  • Do locate the deceased's estate planning documents.

Book a free consultation

You don't have to call us right away, but we do recommend setting up an appointment within 2-3 weeks after the death. During our meeting, we will help you understand the Trust Administration process and guide you on the necessary next steps.

 Click here if you would like us to guide you through the Trust Administration process and ensure that you comply with all your obligations under the Probate Code.

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